Ortonga M'Baru

IOA official


species: human
origin: Capetown, South Africa, Earth
age: 37
sex: male


born on September 21 1974 in capetown.

Diplomat for the IOA.

Ortonga grew up in the slums of Capetown under the laws of apartheid. When in 1990 apartheid was lifted Ortonga, a 16 year old boy at the time, was lucky enough to be accepted in to one of the many new schools built by the Mandela administration. Ortonga proved to be intelligent and was an expert negotiator. He was good enough to be noticed by Nelson Mandela himself, who took Ortonga under his tutelage when he graduated law-school in 1998. In 2006, after years of hard work as a mediator and diplomat for various NGO’s Ortonga was given a position as a mediator for the UN. It wasn’t long after he received his position that he was contacted by Richard Woolsey. Ortonga was briefed on the stargate program and became part of the I.O.A. as an independent mediator between civilian governments, homeworld command and the allies of earth. He takes his job very seriously and makes sure he is well prepared for any meeting. He currently speaks over 20 languages and dialects spoken by earth’s allies. Goa’uld, ancient and asgardian the least among many.

He has many acquaintances among world leaders and in the diplomatic community but because of his busy schedule and work ethic he has no true friends, except for his mentor.

Ortonga M'Baru

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