Steven Wagenmaker (SSGT)


Name: Steven Wagenmaker (SSGT)
Age: 34
Airforce Paratrooper (Airborne – 101st) – Scout – Staff Sergeant
Strength: 12 +1
Dexterity: 15 +2
Constitution: 14 +2
Wisdom: 16 +3
Intelligence: 20 +5
Charisma: 8 -1

Fortitude: 2 0 2 = 4
Reflex: 1 1 2 = 4
Will: 0 0 3 = 3
Def Bonus: 0
Base Att: 0
Init Bonus: 1 2 = 3

Vitality: 12

Balance (Dex) 4
Climb (Str) 3
Concentration (Wis) 5
Craft (Int) 5
Cultures (Wis) 3
Driver (Dex) 2
First Aid (Wis) 5
Gather Info (Cha) 0
Handle Animal (Cha) 3 19-20
Hide (Dex) 8 19-20
Innuendo (Wis) 3
Jump (Str) 3
Languages (Int) 9
Listen (Wis) 7
Mechanics (Int) 9
Move Silently (Dex) 8 19-20
Search (Int) 9
Parachuting (Str or Dex) 5/6
Survival (Wis) 9 19-20
Swim (Str) 3
Tumble (Dex) 4

Class Features
Armor Group Proficiency (Light, Medium, Heavy), Weapon Group Proficiency (Melee, Hurled, Handgun, Rifle)

Trailblazer: The scout’s primary responsibility is ensuring that every member of his team survives the hostile environments sometimes encountered beyond the gate. As a free action, the scout may spend 1 action die to grant the benefits of any one terrain feat he already possesses to each member of his team. The scout may grant the benefits of any number of terrain feats to his team-mates, up to the number of terrain feats he possesses, at a cost of one action die per feat granted. This effect lasts for the duration of the current scene. This is the scout’s core ability.

Stalker: Beginning at 1st level and every class level gained thereafter, the scout receives 1 additional skill point which must be spent on the Survival skill. The scout also gains the Outdoorsman feat. All prereqs are waived.

Point Blank Shot: You gain plus 1 bonus to attack checks and damage rolls made against opponents within 1 range increment.

Outdoorsman: You gain a plus 2 bonus with all Handle Animal and Survival checks. In addition, your threat ranges with these skills increase to 19-20.

Rank 3: Staff Sergeant (E-5) 2,000$ a month (starting savings: $6,000). Operation Gear: 1 duty bundle and 1 weapon bundle. Housing: Private quarters on base. POV: Pick up truck. Other Personal Belongings: Regular clothes, 1 set of fashionable clothes, uniforms, $3,000 in furniture and household goods, $1,500 in home electronics and media, 1 personal bundle.

Outdoorsman, Point Blank Shot, Stealthy.

Equipment: Unmarked weatherproof “sea bag” (to store bundle), 2 sets standard BDU’s (Black, Sand), Combat Boots, Baseball Caps (Black, Desert), Load Bearing Harness, Magnetic Compass, Canteen, Flashlight, GDO (off-world missions only), 1 days’ MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat), Tactical Deployment Vest, Tactical Radio, FN P90 with standard sling with 60 rounds of 5-7×28mm FMJ

Duty Bundle – Forest Scout: Trail Backpack (to store bundle), 1 set Forest Camouflaged Fatigues (any pattern), Survival Kit, Magnetic Compass, Camouflage Netting (any pattern), 2 days’ MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat), 1 Jar Face Paint (6 applications), 1 Bottle Water Filtration Tablets, 5 Flares, 2 Batteries, Machete, 2 Throwing Knives.

Personal Bundle – Outdoorsman: Backpack (to store bundle), Survival Kit, Small Tent, Altimeter, Binoculars, Canteen, Magnetic Compass, 2 days’ MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat), GPS receiver, Weather Sensor.

Weapon Bundle – Frontal Assault: Colt M16A3 Assault Rifle (with laser sight, standard sling and 240 rounds 5.56×45mm NATO FMJ), Earplugs.

Gear Pick (x1): Weapon Sight Starlight (+4 gear with Spot and Sight in near darkness)


- Name 3 traits you would like to see in your character
Exploration, Duty, Learning

- Name 3 traits your character doesn’t like in someone else
Uptight, Boasting, Lazy

- Where was your character born and when?
Austin – Texas, 1976 – July 4th

- What is your ideal chatacter’s speciality?
Scout specialist

- Does your character have any quirks?
Chews bubblegum because he quit smoking, conquered taliban scarf.

- What does your character love most?
Exploring new places, spending time with his friends, going to the movies, going out and spend time with his friends, spend time with family, draw natural scenes and animals, parachuting, paragliding, mountaineering, hunting.

- What are your character’s favorite things?
Sketchbook, family and friends pictures, hiking gear, parachuting, his hunting rifle.

- What was the most important event in your character’s life?
The war in Afghanistan and Iraq. He lost lots of friends there and it has made him tougher. More of a survivor but also more driven to prevent more human loss in the team of which he is part off.

- What does your character think of the Stargates?
A great new opportunity to explore new places/worlds, but also a very dangerous thing if used wrongly. His home has to be protected from the dangers behind the gates.

- What is your character’s motivation?
Patriotic duty. They are the first line of defense and possibly also the last.

- Any important people close to your character?
His family (Mom, one brother, two sisters) mostly and those who served with him in Afghanistan and Iraq.

- What are your character’s personal views?
He is religious, it has helped him stay sane with all the violence And of course he is a republican.

- What is your character’s greatest fear?
That one day an alien invasion might break through the gates and conquer earth.

- What about himself would your character change?
Still having cravings for smoking. Right now the chewing gum is doing the trick, but how long will that last.

Steven Wagenmaker (SSGT)

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