Maureen Yates

young woman with Asian blood, mathematical genius


Traits for caracter: curious, honest, stuborn
Traits I dislike: dishonsty, cruelty, bullying
Born: Oxford UK, daughter of American professor in Oxford
Specialty: physiscist
Loves: computergames, romantic movies
Favourite thing: antique Omega, 1967 Mustang
Important events: mom disappeared when she was 9, this has never been solved
Motivation: she solved a physics conundrum a friend and colegue was working on for Stargate in under 10 minutes when she walked in on him unexpectedly and he had left his laptop running. next day she was invited
Important people: she has a good bond with her dad and her sister. Her best friend is workig at MIT and she hates not beibg able to tell about her work.
Personal views: she believes personal freedom should be upheld, personal integrity should be defended and human life is sacred. She has a low view on any kind of dogma.
Greatest fear: never knowing the truth about what happend to her mom
Change what: would love to have some more willpower
Thoughts on stargates: she thinks it is the greatest opportunity for mankind ever discovered, but also the most dangerous

Family: dad still works for university. Now Harvard. Sister got married to a senator and works as a real estate broker in Washington. She has great respect for her thesis promotor at MIT and loves to get in touch. Her best friend works there.

Dark secret: none of your business; find that one out in-game

Maureen Yates

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